Master Metal USA

Roof Panels Quicker, Guaranteed

The Affordable, Quality Rib Rolling Machine Features

1. Solid steel rollers and shafts for extra durability

2. Professionally styled and handcrafted metal roof roll forming machine

3. Commercial steel chains and sprockets

4. Heavy gauge steel tubing and framing

5. Pneumatic shears

6. Auto and manual cut off, set to length

7. Master Metal machine forms a five-ribbed metal roofing panel 3/4" high on 9" centers

8. Decoiler with breaking system

9. Coverage is 36" wide with 8 small definition (expansion) ribs

10. Five Year Warranty


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220 single phase & three phase motor with gear box or hydraulic
Manual & Automatic
Materials Formed:
Painted or Galvenized
Dual locking spider system with friction brakes
Approx. up to 250 sq. ft. per minute

    Metal roofing is currently in huge demand for both commercial and residential roof applications due to its durabilty, longevity, beauty, and simplicity. The Master Metal Roll Former is a machine that creates quality 36-inch wide ribbed metal roofing panels, ready-to-install.

    Until now, home builders, roofers, home improvement, remodeling, and building supply companies had to special order this type of metal roofing panel from a distributer and were not rewarded with the savings from producing their own inventory. Today, however, even you can produce metal roofing and reap the savings. 

    For about the cost of a truck, you can roll form the same type metal roofing anel with the Metal Master Roll Forming machine. You and your company can now effeciently supply the demands of the metal roofing industry in your area. Owning your own Roll Former gives you an advantage you didnt previous have. 

Residential & Commercial Metal Roofing Facts

1. Doesn't rot, warp, split, or crack, amd is impervious to termites and pests.
2. Reduces heat more effeciently and lowers heating/cooling costs.
3. Easily sheds snow and ice and does not absorb water.
4. Products containing zinc chromate are resistant to rusting

45% of conventional roofs start to devlop dark spots, whereas metal roofs can be installed over existing roofs, bringing significant savings in time and labor and eliminating the growing disposal problem associated with shingles. Metal roofing is environmentally friendly and 100% recyclable.

Panel Profiles

Commercial R Panel: 4 Hi-Rib-36" Finish Panel
Residential & Commericial Ag Panel: 5 Rib-36" Finish Panel

    This Equipment has given our company large profits the first year we began using it.

- David S., Hanter Roofing Supply


    We had been buying someone else's roofing panel, now we make them ourselves and save huge amounts of money.

- John R., Stibbon Roof and Gutter