Strong, Economical, Efficient, Good-looking, and lasts a LIFETIME!!

Today is the day that you have the opportunity to build your home in a way that it WILL last a lifetime!! In fact, it will probably last several lifetimes!

What you see here is the "all steel home" of the future!


It will be good looking when we get it all done!! Be sure to come back each week and visit with us so you can see just how good looking the "all steel house" is when it is complete. Yes, it looks like a "real house" when it is complete, with a roof and sidewalk and driveway and dry-wall walls and lights and even a fire place is you so desire!!

You can tell from the pictures above and below, the construction of "your" house is about as solid as anyone could want!  All steel "studs, rafters and joints gives your new home the ability to "last a life time" without taking your lifetime to pay for it or to keep it repaired!